Founded because of necessity…

Yiwu-Nayyar Shipping and Logistics Company was founded out of necessity to meet the increasing demand for efficient trade between China and Iraq. Serving as a vital link, our company is committed to providing tailored shipping solutions, addressing the logistical complexities of cross-border commerce. Positioned at the heart of global trade routes, we strive to enhance connectivity and foster economic growth for businesses in these strategic trading centers.

Here to stay…

Yiwu-Nayyar Shipping and Logistics Company is committed to establishing a lasting presence in the global trade landscape. Our enduring commitment extends beyond mere logistics; we are dedicated to fostering enduring partnerships and contributing to the sustainable growth of businesses in Yiwu and Nayyar. With a firm foundation built on reliability and innovation, we envision a future where our company stands as an integral and indispensable player in the dynamic realm of international commerce.

Our Valued Features

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    Efficient Logistics Solutions

    Yiwu-Nayyar excels in providing streamlined and efficient logistics solutions, ensuring timely and secure transportation of goods between China and Iraq.

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    Tailored Shipping Services

    The company offers personalized shipping services, addressing the unique needs of clients and adapting to the diverse demands of cross-border commerce.



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    Cutting-edge Technology

    Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, Yiwu-Nayyar integrates advanced systems to optimize operations, enhance tracking capabilities, and provide real-time visibility into shipments.

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    Reliability and Consistency

    Known for its unwavering commitment, the company stands as a reliable partner, consistently delivering on promises and maintaining a high standard of service excellence.



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    Global Connectivity

    Yiwu-Nayyar plays a pivotal role in enhancing global connectivity, fostering international trade by serving as a key link between the bustling markets of China and middle east especially Iraq

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    Sustainability Initiatives

    Demonstrating a commitment to environmental responsibility, the company integrates sustainable practices, such as eco-friendly packaging and energy-efficient transportation methods.



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    Customer-Centric Approach

    Yiwu-Nayyar prioritizes customer satisfaction with a customer-centric approach, offering responsive support, transparent communication, and a dedication to meeting the evolving needs of businesses in the global marketplace.