Our Services

Overview of our services…

Welcome to Yiwu-Nayyar, your ultimate destination for comprehensive logistics solutions. Our array of services encompasses Air Freight, Sea Freight, Ground Freight, and a host of other logistics services designed to cater to every aspect of your supply chain. Whether you’re reaching for the skies with Air Freight, conquering the seas with Sea Freight, optimizing ground logistics, or delving into specialized services like warehousing and distribution, we stand as your trusted partner in navigating the intricacies of global and local transport. Seamlessly connecting borders through International Transport and ensuring the final mile is covered with precision through Local Transport, we pride ourselves on being your go-to partner for efficient, reliable, and tailored logistics solutions that transcend traditional boundaries.

What distinguishes our services?

Yiwu-Nayyar is a leader in world of logistics excellence, offering seamless end-to-end solutions tailored to optimize cargo movement. With advanced technology integration, we ensure real-time tracking, data analytics, and heightened security. Serving as your global gateway, our well-established network and strategic partnerships provide unparalleled connectivity. Rooted in a commitment to reliability, timeliness, and a customer-centric philosophy, we enhance operational efficiency and deliver a positive, hassle-free logistics experience. Embrace sustainable practices as we elevate your cargo to new heights, setting the standard for excellence in the logistics landscape.

Air Freight

Our Air Freight Service

At the heart of our Air Freight services is a dedication to swift transportation. We understand the importance of time-sensitive deliveries, and our streamlined processes and state-of-the-art logistics solutions are designed to minimize transit times. Whether your cargo is urgent or requires expedited delivery, our air freight services provide a high-speed transportation option that ensures your goods arrive promptly.

Our Sea Freight Service

Our Sea Freight services offer a strategic and economical choice for transporting goods across long distances. Leveraging the vast network of global shipping routes, we ensure that your cargo is efficiently transported through the maritime expanse. By offering both full container loads and handling bulk shipments, we cater to a diverse range of cargo requirements, providing flexibility to meet your specific needs.

Sea Freight

Ground Freight

Our Ground Freight Service

Our Ground Freight services are designed to streamline your land transportation needs. Whether you are dealing with regional or cross-country shipments, our extensive network allows us to provide a robust and flexible solution. Leveraging a well-established infrastructure, we ensure that your cargo is transported seamlessly, minimizing delays and optimizing transit times.

Other Logistics Services

Our Logistics Services

Dive beyond the conventional boundaries of freight services; our offerings go far beyond, encompassing every facet of your supply chain. Our comprehensive suite of logistics solutions extends from warehousing and distribution to customs clearance, providing an integrated approach tailored to meet your unique and evolving requirements.

Our International Transport Service

Facilitate effortless cross-border connections with our International Transport services. Irrespective of the mode—air, sea, or land—we offer a seamless bridge for your goods, ensuring they navigate international landscapes with ease. Our services are designed to traverse through customs and regulations seamlessly, providing a reliable and efficient solution for your global logistics needs.

International Transport

Local Transport

Our Local Transport Service

Our Local Transport services are built on a foundation of local expertise. We understand the intricacies of navigating through specific regions, from urban centers to rural landscapes. This knowledge enables us to optimize routes, overcome local challenges, and ensure the efficient movement of your cargo within local territories.